Locating Rings

Locating Rings

Tevac's Locating Rings are the highest quality rings available. All ring faces and outside diameters are precision ground. All inside diameters are burnished to a bright, shiny, accurately sized finish.

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Stock Number: HM0
Other #: 6500

Stock Number: HM1
Other#: 6501

Stock Number: HM7
Other#: 6501 LN

Stock Number: HM2
Other #: 6502

Stock Number: HM3
Other #: 6503

Stock Number: HM4
Other #: 6504

Stock Number: HM5
Other #: 6505

Stock Number: HM6
Other #: 6506

Stock Number: HM11
Other #: 6511

Stock Number: HM20
Other #: 6520
(Extension Nozzle Type)

Stock Number: HM21
Other #: 6521
(Standard series extra
lead in)

Stock Number: HM22
Other #: 6522
(Extension nozzle type series extra lead in)

Stock Number: HM24
Other #: 6524
(Clamp type extra lead in)

Stock Number: HM35
Other #: 6535

Stock Number: HM36
Other #: 6536
(Top ring)

Stock Number: HM37
Other #: 6537
(Bottom ring)

Stock Number: HM8

Patent Pending


Stock Number: HM41
Other #: 6541
(Standard series)

Stock Number: HM44
Other #: 6544
(Clamp type)



Tevac’s Nozzle Locators are made of quality alloy steel heat treated for long life. They are available in both 1/2” and 3/4” radius To suit your nozzle.

Tevac’s Nozzle Locators are recessed into the distributor block, as close as possible to the main distributor bore (approximately 3/16”). This minimizes the material flow distance from the machine nozzle to the main distributor bore.

Stock Number: NL2
Other #: NL6702

Stcok Number: NL3
Other #: NL6703