FREEDOM "Hands Free" Automatic Spray Unit

FREEDOM "Hands Free" Automatic Spray Unit - No. 43200


 Part Number:
43200M (optional spray head magnet)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


• Just plug and spray
• Easy to use, no hard wiring required
• Save money and save time
• Operate more productively
• Works with aerosol cylinder or pressure pot

The new Freedom automatic spray unit is easy to program and works autonomously from all your equipment. You just plug it in and spray.

A proximity sensor placed near the mold cavity detects when the mold opens and signals the unit to deliver release. Nozzles can be attached with brackets (included) or optional magnetic mounting blocks. You are free to position them anywhere to spray release to any point, such as trouble spots in the cavity, the entire face of the mold, both mold cavities, or even to create a ""cloud"" of release between the cavities.

The extremely compact control unit has protective rubber feet so it can sit on any flat surface, or it mounts directly to the machine. And it can either be plugged directly into any 110V, 15 amp circuit.

The Freedom unit comes complete with: easy-to-program control unit, 10-ft spray hose and two nozzles, 6-ft cord and proximity sensor, 5-ft tank hose, and 10-ft power cord. Aerosol spray cylinder or pressure pot additional.

Experience the true Freedom of hands-free automatic spraying with the new Freedom unit from Slide.

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