Date Stamps

Date Stamps



The ‘CUMSA SYSTEM’ Date Stamp is the most molder friendly in the industry today. There is no need to remove the tool from the press to adjust or replace the insert.

Inserts are avaliable with Arrow and Year, or Arrow only (no year).
To order Inserts with Arrow and Year, append the two-digit year after the Part Number.
Example: For Item DS157 with year 2015, Part Number would be DS157-15.

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Part No. "A" "C"
DSOM32 6 mm (.2362") 3.2 mm
DSOM47 8 mm (.3149") 4.7 mm
DSOM57 10 mm (.3149") 5.7 mm
DSOM67 12 mm (.3937") 6.7 mm
DSOM87 16 mm (.6299") 8.7 mm

INSERT (w/Year)

Part No. "C"
DS132- yr  3.2mm
DS147- yr 4.7mm
DS157- yr 5.7mm
DS167- yr 6.7mm
DS187- yr 8.7mm

INSERT (Arrow only)

Part No. "C"
DS1A32 3.2mm
DS1A47 4.7mm
DS1A57   5.7mm
DS1A67 6.7mm
DS1A67 8.7mm