Mold Releases

We understand how much your work means to you. Our superb selection of molding equipment protects your work by maintaining its cleanliness, durability and functionality for many years. Our staff has been formally trained in preparation help you find the best mold releases for all your projects. 

Tevac is a trusted mold releases distributor. Check out our selection of mold releases below.


As an official Slide Products distributor, Tevac ensures your satisfaction with our wide range of mold releases and other molding products. Our goal is to find you only the most efficient and helpful tools and products for your work. We have an assortment of mold release products useful for any number of applications. 

There are many release agents on the market. Like any of those products, mold releases serve a specific purpose, so choosing the right one for you is important. The application of a mold releasing agent provides a critical barrier between the molding surface and the substrate and helps with the separation of the cured part of the mold. This barrier is important, because without it the substrate would simply fuse to the mold surface and cause a tougher clean-up and a big loss in production efficiency. It is vital for engineers to understand what types of mold releases are available and which would be best for your production. Having products of lesser quality only do more harm than good. First, you were most likely spend more money, as you would need to use the product more often. And second, and more importantly, you would become less productive.

Tevac is a proud Nexgen and Slide products distributor for various mold cleaners. Our professional customer service lets our staff provide you with only top quality molding products. Our mold releases and other mold products efficiently and safely sterilize and remove grease, oil and other debris from your work while keeping your work sanitary and safe to perform. If you have questions about our mold releases or molding products, please call one of our friendly representatives today