Mold Cleaners

Tevac is a trusted mold cleaners distributor. You can get our products in many forms, such as wipes, polishes, or sprays. This is to ensure that, no matter the application, we carry the product you need. Our cleaners are quality items that can tackle any task at hand.

Check out our selection of mold cleaners below.


We fully understand how important your work is to you. Our elite selection of molding equipment ensures that your work remains durable, clean and functional for years to come. Our professionally trained staff is prepared to help find the right product for whatever work you are doing efficiently and accurately. 

As an official Slide Products distributor, Tevac is focused on your satisfaction with all of our mold cleaners and other mold products. We aim to ensure your work is done with the most suitable and appropriate products and services.  

Tevac is a proud Nexgen and Slide Products distributor for various mold cleaners. Our professional customer service allows us to provide you with the highest quality molding products. Our mold cleaners and other mold products efficiently and safely sterilize and remove grease, oil and other debris from your projects. If you have questions about our molding products and cleaners, please call or email us today.