Slide Products

Tevac is proud to offer our excellent assortment of Slide Products for your projects. Our commitment to dedicated customer support allows us to provide you with the highest quality general industry Slide products and other services. Our professionally trained staff is sure to help you find the right components for all your work.

We carry various general industry Slide products including mold cleaners, releases, rust preventives and much more. We also carry many accessories including Air-O-Spray, refillable aerosol containers and "hands free" automatic spray units. Our products are durable and easy to use and our wonderful selection ensures you find the perfect products for any projects.

We understand your need for the most effective working equipment. Our staff will diligently and efficiently help you find what you are looking for. Our friendly staff has years of knowledge and experience with Slide products and will show you the best products for your unique work.

Slide Products was founded in 1953 and initially sold flat stock steel to mold builders. The founder worked with tool builders and became acquainted with some of the injection molders being used. There were complaints about the plastic parts malfunctioning, causing a decrease in productivity. Through human ingenuity, silicone oil was put in an aerosol can in an attempt to  fix this issue and the first slide mold release was developed.

Our Slide products come in many different sizes and variations for your convenience. Your satisfaction is always our main priority. We look forward to helping you complete your next project. For more information on our general industry Slide products, please call or email us today.