Pure Eze Mold Release

Pure Eze Mold Release - No. 45712N


 Part Number:
45712N (aerosol)
45705HB (5 gallon)
45755HB (55 gallon)                                                                                                                               


• No chlorinated solvents
• Food-approved lubricant, no lecithins
• Neutral white oil-based release
• Won’t turn color or turn rancid
• Paintable, non-silicone
• An excellent all-purpose release
• Recognized by UL
• Maximum operating temperature: 600ºF

Pure Eze is a white, oil-based, food-approved release ideal for medical and food applications. Use Pure Eze with all thermoplastic resins, polyolefins, polycarbonates, rubber and some epoxies. It is colorless, odorless, tasteless and will not change color over time.

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1 case = 12 cans

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