EpoxEase Mold Release

EpoxEase Mold Release - No. 40614


 Part Number:
40614 (aerosol)
40601HB (1 gallon)
40605HB (5 gallon)
40655HB (55 gallon)                                                                                                                             


• No chlorinated solvents
• Non-silicone, synthetic wax-based product
• For injection molding, encapsulating, potting
• For epoxy, polyester and phenolic molding
• Maximum operating temperature: 450ºF

EpoxEase is a synthetic wax-based, non-silicone release. It is formulated to prevent the sticking commonly seen when using all-purpose release agents on epoxies, maximizing your productivity.

Price Discounts for Quantity: 1-6 cases, 7-14 cases, 15-23 cases, 24+ cases
1 case = 12 cans

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