DFL - Dry Film Lube (Fluorocarbon) Mold Release

DFL - Dry Film Lube (Fluorocarbon) Mold Release - No. 41112N


 Part Number:
41112N (aerosol)
41105HB (5 gallon)
41155HB (55 gallon)                                                                                                                               


• No chlorinated solvents
• Formulated for deep draw molds
• Excellent for most rubber & thermoplastics including ABS, acetyl, nylon, vinyl, PVC
• Use it on phenolic & urethane
• Contains PTFE
• Maximum operating temperature: 500ºF

DFL is an excellent, fast-drying lubricant for injection molding where clarity and deep draw are important, especially with hard, brittle resins. It will not create “hydraulic effect” on deep drafted molds. Its “dry” formulation will not pick up dust or dirt and remains inert when exposed to corrosive reagents.

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1 case = 12 cans

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